About us and what drives us!

Ġugar! - Hangout & Bar is a co-operative effort between a group of friends who wanted to create a space for good living...a place where community can hang-out, enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee, a beer or indulge into some of our delicious snacks. Among lots of other stuff, you will find a small but interesting library, gallery art by emerging local artists and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Those looking for an inexpensive delicious healthy snack or a nutrient packed smoothie or juice are in for luck!

The word “Ġugar!” comes from the Hindi concept of “Jugaar” [ जुगाड़] Although there is no exact English equivalent of the word, essentially, “Jugaar” means to come up with a creative solution for any problem you might encounter. Jugaar is the art of making things work. It is hybridity for the sake of a will/can-do philosophy. An innovation of desperation, if you will. It is to be flexible, to improvise and to make do with what you have. A large part of “Ġugar!” relies on hope and dreams...

You will find us at:
Ġugar! - Hangout & Bar
89A, Republic Street,

Telephone: 00356 27032837
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gugarmalta
email: spikeslaw[@]gmail.com 



From Wednesday to Saturday we will be open also for lunch! Have a nice weekend!

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 7pm till 1am
Wednesday: 10am till 3pm and from 7pm till 1am
Thursday: 10am till 3pm and from 7pm till 1am

Friday: 10am till 3pm and from 7pm till 1am
Satuday: 10am till 3pm and from 7pm till 1am
Sunday: 7pm till 1am


Monday: 6pm till late
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10am till 1am
Thursday: 6pm till 1am
Friday: 6pm till 1am
Saturday: 10am till 1am
Sunday: 3pm till 1am

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